Our fort! Oh how Julia was surprised...

[Jacket: Banana Republic, Top: Marshalls, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Jessica Simpson]
Roommates....I've heard horror stories about them. I've heard about roommates who are kleptomaniacs, germaphobes, and some, well, let's just say, some who like to have a little too much fun. Coming to college I was scared out of my mind what my roommate would be like. Abrasive? Intimidating? A hermit?? The possibilities were endless.

So that's why I was so surprised when I met Julia Boyd. Julia is one of the nicest, sweetest, most lovely girls I know! We hit it off right away. Since I've been at Elon, Julia has been one of my closest friends here. She is someone who will always do a favor for me and every day makes me laugh HYSTERICALLY until I'm about ready to pee my pants (not my fault).
She's also been my wonderful photographer for this blog and I can not thank her ENOUGH for the amount that she has helped me!

I've also been blessed with two amazing suite mates - Marisa and Delaney. The four of us could talk for hours on end and crack each other up...which we sometime regret when it's two in the morning and we haven't finished our homework...

Anyway, I noticed on Facebook that it's Roommate Week and I want to dedicate this entry to my three best friends here. They are all such wonderful people and I am the luckiest girl at Elon to have them as my suite mates!

P.S. Last night as we were watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Marisa and I decided to make a fort on Julia's bed...she was a little surprised when she got back! muahaha


*College Coffee

Today our newspaper The Pendulum handed out cupcakes at College Coffee! yummy

[Leather Jacket: Kohls, Sweater: F21, Dress: F21, Socks: Kohls, Shoes: Macy's]

One of the things I love most about Elon is the “Elon Bubble”. This is the most common nickname for the school; everyone on campus believes we are in our own little “bubble” because we are located in an area where there isn’t much going on around the town. But I love the bubble. I love that the Elon community is so close; it really makes it seem like a home away from home. Because Elon is a relatively small school, it’s easy to spot familiar faces every time I’m walking to class. It’s one of the little things I really enjoy about this place.

One of my favorite events at Elon is College Coffee. Every Tuesday, coffee and treats are set up around the Honors Pavilion (one of the most beautiful spots on campus) for faculty and students. It’s amazing how many students (and professors) show up! I love this little tradition because it reminds me of how close everyone is in this “Elon Bubble”. Not to mention the coffee is incredible (Starbucks, of course).

Just wanted to share with you my Tuesday morning…I’m always in such a good mood when I come back for College Coffee. There’s something about free coffee and seeing friends that makes me a happy girl!

Happy Tuesday!


*Thanksgiving (with the infamous Lentil Loaf)

Meeting Andy at the airport <3 (cue the dramatic-airport-scene music!)

Piling our plates for our Thanksgiving feast. Oh Lentil Loaf...how I love you.

The stage at The Plaza for the Lighting ceremony!

Cam from Modern Family!!! (a Kansas City native!)

Missed this guy! <3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Turkey Day yesterday. I had such a wonderful time with my family and Andy yesterday; I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday!

On Wednesday I finally saw my wonderful boyfriend Andy after about a month and a half (much too long!). He saw the new house and greatly approved! I am so happy/thankful that I was able to spend this holiday with him. His family was kind enough to let us steal him for Thanksgiving while they celebrated in New Jersey.

So what is this Lentil Loaf that I speak of? Never thought of an alternative to turkey for Thanksgiving, have you? Well this is a vegetarian Ryncarz classic for the holiday – it’s somewhat like a stuffing but with lentil beans and vegetables. Delicious!! But don’t worry; we didn’t deprive Andy and our cousin Rachel of their healthy serving of meat. My dad picked up a turkey breast from Boston Market so the meat-eaters were satisfied! The meal was very yummy!

And the food coma that ensued was just as wonderful.

My family learned that for Thanksgiving every year in Kansas City there is the “Kansas City Power and Lighting Plaza Lights”. It’s where just about EVERY resident of Kansas City gathers in The Plaza to watch the christmas lights turn on all at once. My family, KC amateurs, celebrated the Lighting for the first time and it was great!

Plus, the best part of it was that Eric Stonestreet was there (Cam from MODERN FAMILY!!!). Best. Night. Ever.

I have so much to be thankful for and I couldn’t be more pleased with this holiday vacation. I have had so much fun with my family and Andy; I am going to be counting down the days until I see them again!



I can't believe it had been almost 3 months since I had seen my twin. For sisters, that feels like eternity. I can't even explain how much I have missed Alisa the past few months. It is SO great that I get to spend the next week with her!

Today my mom, dad, and I went to Alisa's tournament for her Vanderbilt club volleyball team. When I saw her for the first time I sobbed. In front of a whole crowd of people. Do I care? Not at all. We had so much fun cheering on her team today; it reminded me of old times, going to all of her high school volleyball games. Oh how time flies! Those memories are the best.

When we got home tonight we gave her a grand tour of our new house and she loves it just as much as I do. I can't wait to spend the next week here with my family; moments like these are the sweetest!


*Break Time

[Jacket: Kohls, Top: Forever21, Necklace: J.Crew, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Lauren Conrad]

Oh how I’ve been waiting for this moment! I am currently sitting in the airport anxiously waiting to board my plane to Atlanta, Georgia! Then I will have a one-hour layover (where I will sip Starbucks tea and people-watch) then get on my second flight that will take me HOME!!!

After a less than pleasant taxi ride to the airport, I can’t wait for this traveling to be over with! My taxi smelled like rotten eggs (ew) and my driver was 20 minutes late. The only good parts about it were a few interesting conversations about fast food, the Bronx, and Thanksgiving dinners.

I could not be more excited to be seeing my family so soon. I am counting down the minutes!!

P.S. I was just flipping through People: Style Watch and saw a similar look as above on Nicole Richie. I love the combination of tough and girlie!


*Family (Modern Family, that is)

[Umbrella: Macy's, Jacket: Banana Republic, Necklace: J. Crew, Top: Express, Jeggings: Gap, Shoes: Hunter]

Yes, it is that time of the week again. Time for one of my FAVORITE shows in the world … Modern Family!! My suitemates and I look forward to this show every week…we will plan our entire night around watching it. My favorite character is Gloria…her accent is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard. And I crack up every time she yells “Jayyy!

This will be the perfect ending to a cold and rainy day. I plan on making a delicious cup of hot chocolate to drink during the show (with mini marshmallows of course).

Speaking of family, in t-minus 2 days I will be leaving Elon to see my wonderful and amazing family in Kansas City! I could not be more excited to see them for the holidays.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

(BTW, I want you to know that right as we began taking these pictures, it began pouring. So much for straightening my hair...)



[Leather Jacket: Kohls, Shirt: Forever21, Necklace: Forever21, Bracelet: Grandma's, Skirt: Marshalls, Shoes: Urban Outfitters]

Sunday is the day of rest, isn't it? Looking back, I don't think I have had one Sunday this year at Elon where I haven't been busy from morning till night. Now don't get me wrong - I enjoy the work and I love the things that keep me busy, but sometimes I wish I could just lay in my bed all day watching 30 Rock eating Cheez-Its and Sour Patch Watermelon. Yum.

My Sundays are usually bike rides (with Elon's Cycling Club), work for Phoenix14 (Elon's news show), church, FreshTV (a class for Communications students), and allllll the homework I have.

If I sound like I'm complaining...I am. Give me a break! I'm a college student, I don't want to be TOO excited about all this work!

Anyways, I hope your Sunday was relaxing, yet eventful! Hopefully you're looking forward to this week as much as I am (because in T-minus 5 days I'm going HOME!!!)



[Blouse: Thrifted, Earrings: Forever 21, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Banana Republic]

Thrift stores are the unsung heroes of the fashion world. Not only are they like a maze to shop in, but they are FILLED with pieces that have so much potential! Take this blouse for example (above). Yesterday, my friends and I went thrifting through Burlington. I found this red tie-neck blouse hidden amongst some (horrid) tops which I realized I had seen on Olivia Palermo.
I wonder how much she paid for her blouse because I got this baby for $2....$2!!!!!

I guess the saying couldn't be more true...one man's trash is another fashionista's STEAL.

*My New Home

[My mom and I at the Farmer's Market in KC]

[Kansas City, Missouri]

Moving to college is/was a huge change right? Try moving to college AND a new home. Pretty big transition don't you think? In August, right as my mom and dad were shipping my sister and I off to college from our beautiful hometown of Long Valley, New Jersey, they were also packing up themselves to head out to Kansas City, Missouri. As heartbroken as my family was that we had to leave our historic town in rural NJ, the move was a success and my parents are currently (almost) settled in at our new humble abode.

For Fall Break, I visited my new house for the first time. Imagine leaving school, a fairly new place to begin with, to go "home" which is actually a stranger's house. I was a little sad, a little excited, and a lot nervous to see the new place I would call home.

This place exceeded my expectations.

You don't here much about Kansas City, Missouri, do you? I'm not surprised...it isn't a city as glamorous as Los Angeles or New York City, but when I first got there I knew I would love it. My house is beautiful and my mom worked her bum off fixing it up to feel like home (love you, ma!). The city is cute and clean (pics of the Farmer's Market above) and the overall atmosphere of Missouri is very easy-going and comfortable. But most importantly...

the shopping. is. AMAZING.

Every store I could ever dream of shopping at is less than 20 minutes away.
That was it. All the other stuff, great! But walking around downtown through all the shops made me too excited for words. All I could do was turn to my mom and say,
"I'm going to love it here."


*Fall Weather

[Jacket: J. Crew, Button up: Forever21, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Kohls]

Weather in North Carolina is...unpredictable...to say the least. This week at Elon has brought on some much unwanted weather patterns that have caused me to change my wardrobe 2 or 3 times a day (not that I'm complaining!). Mornings are about 30 degrees....afternoons (depending on what Mother Nature is feeling) can be as low as the 50s or as high as the 70s. And at night, I don't even venture out without full boots sweatshirt and coat. Thankfully, the sun has been shining almost everyday, making it much easier to walk to classes!

Oh but wait, not that one day I had to go to the Burlington land fill for a Philosophy field trip. THAT day Mother Nature decided to make it 50 and rainy...

However the weather has been here, I have been so thankful that I have such a beautiful campus to live on. In fact, now is a perfect opportunity for me to brag about Elon being voted the most beautiful college campus in the United States.

What an accomplishment! I am so happy to be at this wonderful college, regardless of the weather!



Hi all! My name is Alison. Welcome to my fashion blog The Flare, my newest little project.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of fashion. Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, you name it. I could spend HOURS shopping online (my favorite hobby is making monstrous shopping carts that I could never afford). For the past couple years I've been following a few fashion blogs (a little obsessively) and was finally inspired to start my own! As someone who is a little technologically challenged...we'll see how this goes...

So. A little more about me.

I'm 18 years old and a freshman at Elon University. Major: Communications (with a concentration in broadcast journalism). My dream? To be a reporter/anchor. I have a wonderful twin sister Alisa who, sadly, is 500 miles away at Vanderbilt in Nashville (where, might I add, seeing country stars like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban is the norm for her). I have two amazing and incredible parents who, thank the Lord, have made many donations to my wardrobe fund ("But Mom, I NEED these shoes!!"). I have a fantastic boyfriend, Andy, who is also much too far away from me at Villanova. And lastly, how could I forget my lovable pup Abby, the princess of our household.

Hopefully you'll get to know me a little more with some upcoming posts; I hope you enjoy my fashion and, who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to start a blog of your own!

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