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Today our newspaper The Pendulum handed out cupcakes at College Coffee! yummy

[Leather Jacket: Kohls, Sweater: F21, Dress: F21, Socks: Kohls, Shoes: Macy's]

One of the things I love most about Elon is the “Elon Bubble”. This is the most common nickname for the school; everyone on campus believes we are in our own little “bubble” because we are located in an area where there isn’t much going on around the town. But I love the bubble. I love that the Elon community is so close; it really makes it seem like a home away from home. Because Elon is a relatively small school, it’s easy to spot familiar faces every time I’m walking to class. It’s one of the little things I really enjoy about this place.

One of my favorite events at Elon is College Coffee. Every Tuesday, coffee and treats are set up around the Honors Pavilion (one of the most beautiful spots on campus) for faculty and students. It’s amazing how many students (and professors) show up! I love this little tradition because it reminds me of how close everyone is in this “Elon Bubble”. Not to mention the coffee is incredible (Starbucks, of course).

Just wanted to share with you my Tuesday morning…I’m always in such a good mood when I come back for College Coffee. There’s something about free coffee and seeing friends that makes me a happy girl!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. cute outfit alison! Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Also, I gave you a blog award! Someone gave it to me and I think you are supposed to pass it on, but of course I won't be offended if you don't. Lol. Talk to you soon!


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