*My New Home

[My mom and I at the Farmer's Market in KC]

[Kansas City, Missouri]

Moving to college is/was a huge change right? Try moving to college AND a new home. Pretty big transition don't you think? In August, right as my mom and dad were shipping my sister and I off to college from our beautiful hometown of Long Valley, New Jersey, they were also packing up themselves to head out to Kansas City, Missouri. As heartbroken as my family was that we had to leave our historic town in rural NJ, the move was a success and my parents are currently (almost) settled in at our new humble abode.

For Fall Break, I visited my new house for the first time. Imagine leaving school, a fairly new place to begin with, to go "home" which is actually a stranger's house. I was a little sad, a little excited, and a lot nervous to see the new place I would call home.

This place exceeded my expectations.

You don't here much about Kansas City, Missouri, do you? I'm not surprised...it isn't a city as glamorous as Los Angeles or New York City, but when I first got there I knew I would love it. My house is beautiful and my mom worked her bum off fixing it up to feel like home (love you, ma!). The city is cute and clean (pics of the Farmer's Market above) and the overall atmosphere of Missouri is very easy-going and comfortable. But most importantly...

the shopping. is. AMAZING.

Every store I could ever dream of shopping at is less than 20 minutes away.
That was it. All the other stuff, great! But walking around downtown through all the shops made me too excited for words. All I could do was turn to my mom and say,
"I'm going to love it here."

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