Our fort! Oh how Julia was surprised...

[Jacket: Banana Republic, Top: Marshalls, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Jessica Simpson]
Roommates....I've heard horror stories about them. I've heard about roommates who are kleptomaniacs, germaphobes, and some, well, let's just say, some who like to have a little too much fun. Coming to college I was scared out of my mind what my roommate would be like. Abrasive? Intimidating? A hermit?? The possibilities were endless.

So that's why I was so surprised when I met Julia Boyd. Julia is one of the nicest, sweetest, most lovely girls I know! We hit it off right away. Since I've been at Elon, Julia has been one of my closest friends here. She is someone who will always do a favor for me and every day makes me laugh HYSTERICALLY until I'm about ready to pee my pants (not my fault).
She's also been my wonderful photographer for this blog and I can not thank her ENOUGH for the amount that she has helped me!

I've also been blessed with two amazing suite mates - Marisa and Delaney. The four of us could talk for hours on end and crack each other up...which we sometime regret when it's two in the morning and we haven't finished our homework...

Anyway, I noticed on Facebook that it's Roommate Week and I want to dedicate this entry to my three best friends here. They are all such wonderful people and I am the luckiest girl at Elon to have them as my suite mates!

P.S. Last night as we were watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Marisa and I decided to make a fort on Julia's bed...she was a little surprised when she got back! muahaha

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