*Christmas Day

Like the fancy editing? Thank you, you wonderful iPhone.
I can't wait to learn a few things from this book!
These kissing dogs are one of the cutest gifts I've ever seen!
A picture of our house from the back - it was a beautiful day today so my family took a nice long walk around the golf course.
The DELICIOUS carrot cake my mom made! (It was Paula Deen's recipe so you know it was about 90% sugar and butter).

Santa, you outdid yourself this year. What with the bountiful presents under the tree and the Christmas cheer you brought to my family today, I couldn't have asked for more! Just like every year, this Christmas was wonderfully enjoyable with my family. Let me tell you, waking up at 7 in the morning and running down the stairs with my sister NEVER gets old.

Santa was exceptionally good to me this year by bringing me the iPhone 4s along with many other goodies! My family was also treated very well with some great stuff. One of my favorite gifts was two kissing dogs my mom got for Andy and I, so cute!

I hope you had a very blessed Christmas and enjoyed your day!

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