Sorry for squinting to the max, it was a little sunny in my eyes!

[Earrings: JCrew, Sweater: JCrew, Tank: JCrew, Belt: JCrew, Jeans: Gap]

How….how…is it that I don’t even have to wear a coat on the 2nd of December? Mother Nature has been playing tricks on me this entire fall and I’m about to admit defeat. She changes her mind every day…now don’t get me wrong I love the fact that it’s about 62 degrees here and I don’t have to wear a coat outside but come on! I need a little consistency here!!!

I guess I will just have to have my fall/winter clothes at the ready on any given day. Not much of a sacrifice, I admit.

Anyways, today marks the second day of December and my 3rd-last day of the semester!! Things have been absolutely crazy here – students are packed like sardines in the library and the common room where I usually work has been full of studious kids. Although everyone is stressing about finals next week, this sunny weather has definitely kept a few people sane (including myself!).

On another note, today my TA asked if I wanted to be a model for our school newspaper (The Pendulum)’s 5-page spread on fashion trends. I was thrilled when I was asked – a few other “models” and I got together today to have our pictures taken for the spread. I wore a gold sequin dress for the “New Year’s Eve style” section and a mint-green maxi dress and lace top for the “Pastels” section. It was so much fun getting to take pictures for the newspaper!

Hopefully I can get my hands on those pictures so you all can see them :)

I hope you all are planning to have a wonderful weekend. Much love!

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  1. That's so awesome that your going to be in the newspaper! Now everyone at school will know what a fashionista you are!! (if they don't already!) Super cute outfit too Alison!


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