*Lazy Sundays

Wearing my favorite socks wrapped up in my favorite blanket watching my (almost) favorite movie. Life is good.

One of the simple things I love in life is having time to waste. No commitments and nothing demanding on my To-Do list…those are times that are rare but wonderful.

Today, with my only final out of the way and nothing but a dumb enlightening philosophy project to finish for Tuesday, I took time today for some serious R&R.

Instead of doing something productive during my time off, I chose to:

1. Cuddle in my bed with my teddy bear and watch Hitch (one of my favorites)

2. Paint my nails, then halfway through decide I did a terrible job and take it all off (the definition of counterproductive)

3. Watch the latest episodes of Parks and Recreation and Modern Family

4. Curl my hair (Why? I felt like it)

5. Re-read Glamour

6. Go to Wal-Mart with Julia and buy some delicious carrots and hummus

And lastly, and most importantly, I celebrated my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with my wonderful boyfriend Andy! We called each other at 12am last night so we could wish each other a Happy Anniversary :) (queue the “awwwww”)

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring boyfriend and can’t wait for the future years we spend together! <3

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  1. happy anniversary to you both! cheers! here's to many more!!


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