*My Inspiration

[Jacket: Banana Republic (old), Scarf: Marshalls, Dress: F21, Boots: Macy's]

As a budding fashion blogger, I always find inspiration in others whose styles are not just similar to my own, but also challenge me to experiment with my closet in ways in which I wouldn't imagine. There is a lengthy list of blogs that I follow on a daily basis (find them here) to see what outfits they are pulling together and the versatile ways in which they wear their pieces. One woman in particular who I find incredibly gifted is Julie Sarinana from Sincerely, Jules. Jules creates a mix of looks that all connect with her cool California style. She is not afraid to experiment with edgy pieces, and always pulls together an outfit that is dressy, yet comfortable. Because she is such an inspiration to me, I decided to mimic one of her outfits to achieve a better understanding of how she operates her wardrobe. Above are a few pictures of a shoot similar to hers, with pieces of my own (that were eerily similar).


*A New Family

I was so excited to hear that my friend, Anna, was in AXiD too!

The new members of Alpha Xi Delta!

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the short hiatus I have taken from my blog this week...these past few days have been a crazy whirlwind of activities that have completely drained me of any energy.

Second of all, I am proud to let you all know that, as of last night, I am officially a new member of Alpha Xi Delta at Elon University!
I could not be happier or more proud of becoming a member of this sorority; these girls are the most genuine, kindhearted, and inspirational individuals who I will be so excited to call my "sisters" soon!
This week of rushing has been incredibly exhausting, but the process has allowed me to learn a lot about myself as I searched for the sorority who I felt fit me the best. I am honored to say that AXiD is a perfect match for me because the girls made me feel at home the moment I stepped into their house.
I could not be happier with the choice I made and am insanely excited to be an AXiD girl!



[Scarf: gift, Dress (similar): Urban Outfitters, Top (similar): F21, Shoes: Gap]

Since coming back to Elon on January 2nd (I know, unjustly early), I have been eagerly looking forward to all the fun that awaits my spring semester. As of right now, I am three weeks into my Winter Term and five days away from break (between Winter and Spring semester). Though this semester was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my class (“Science and the Media”) I can’t help but count down the days until the fun begins!

Now what is this “fun” of which I speak? Let me outline a few of the activities I am impatiently awaiting:

Rushing for a sorority – begins this Thursday! (My closet have been torn apart multiple times trying to find those perfect pieces)

Spring semester starts – January 31st

A visit from my wonderful boyfriend Andy – beginning of March

Trip to Florida with the gals – March 16-21

Ma birthday! (And a short trip home!) – April 9th

End of my first year at Elon and the beginning of a jam packed, fun-filled summer – May 11th

There are SO many things going on in the following months, sitting here in the coffee shop doing my homework is almost painfully dawdling. I can’t wait for the fun to start!


*Fashion Fun

Hello all! A few days ago my roommate Julia, suitemate Marisa, and I ventured off to the Communications building to have our own fashion shoot! Luckily, I got to rent all of the equipment I wanted from the Communications School, so we tried to make this shoot look as professional as possible (which was difficult considering our cumulative knowledge of fashion comes mostly from America's Next Top Model...).
Julia was my stunning model for the day and Marisa snapped some photos and helped out with the equipment. I put together some great outfits that Julia rocked; I can't wait for you to see them!
I am currently trying to photoshop the pictures and am having a little difficulty, so I thought I would show you some behind-the-scenes photos taken on my iPhone. Hope you enjoy them, the real ones will be up soon!



[Necklace: Macy's, Top: JCrew, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohls]

Procrastination at it's finest: posting on the blog rather than doing any homework that's due tomorrow. I'm going to keep this post short...time is ticking and I have much to do! Enjoy the pictures and have a great Monday!



My friends and I could not pass up an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors today with it being 71 degrees and sunny. So we decided to search for hiking spots around Elon and spend the day exploring the trails!
We had a great time hiking around Lake Higgins in Greensboro and snapping pictures along our walk. We met two adorable Golden Retrievers, Casey and Shaun, and couldn't resist taking a few photos of them!
It was a wonderful day to be out with my friends and enjoy nature. We all hope next weekend will bring us the same lovely weather!


*A New Year

[Sunglasses: F21, Necklace: Kohls, Jacket: F21, Top (similar): Urban Outfitters, Pants: Gap, Shoes (similar): Michael Kors]

Happy (late) New Year everyone! So sorry for the late post, I tried to stay away from the computer during my time in New Jersey.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and are getting back into the swing of things in 2012! I had such an amazing year in 2011 and am so thankful for all of the memories. There was a lot of change but I could not be in a happier place in my life right now.
As sad as it was to say goodbye to my family and friends in Missouri and New Jersey, I am so happy to be back with my suite mates and friends at Elon! My Winter Term is only one class (but for 3 hours a day...) so not too much stress, which means more time for fun shoots and playing on Photoshop! Hopefully once I get my Photoshop software in the mail (a Christmas gift from Dad!), I can show you some of my experiments!
Happy New Year to you all, I hope this year brings you happiness and success!

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