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Since coming back to Elon on January 2nd (I know, unjustly early), I have been eagerly looking forward to all the fun that awaits my spring semester. As of right now, I am three weeks into my Winter Term and five days away from break (between Winter and Spring semester). Though this semester was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed my class (“Science and the Media”) I can’t help but count down the days until the fun begins!

Now what is this “fun” of which I speak? Let me outline a few of the activities I am impatiently awaiting:

Rushing for a sorority – begins this Thursday! (My closet have been torn apart multiple times trying to find those perfect pieces)

Spring semester starts – January 31st

A visit from my wonderful boyfriend Andy – beginning of March

Trip to Florida with the gals – March 16-21

Ma birthday! (And a short trip home!) – April 9th

End of my first year at Elon and the beginning of a jam packed, fun-filled summer – May 11th

There are SO many things going on in the following months, sitting here in the coffee shop doing my homework is almost painfully dawdling. I can’t wait for the fun to start!

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  1. I want to know everything about rush! If you need help w/ outfits let me know! But I am sure you will look fab! XO


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