*My Inspiration

[Jacket: Banana Republic (old), Scarf: Marshalls, Dress: F21, Boots: Macy's]

As a budding fashion blogger, I always find inspiration in others whose styles are not just similar to my own, but also challenge me to experiment with my closet in ways in which I wouldn't imagine. There is a lengthy list of blogs that I follow on a daily basis (find them here) to see what outfits they are pulling together and the versatile ways in which they wear their pieces. One woman in particular who I find incredibly gifted is Julie Sarinana from Sincerely, Jules. Jules creates a mix of looks that all connect with her cool California style. She is not afraid to experiment with edgy pieces, and always pulls together an outfit that is dressy, yet comfortable. Because she is such an inspiration to me, I decided to mimic one of her outfits to achieve a better understanding of how she operates her wardrobe. Above are a few pictures of a shoot similar to hers, with pieces of my own (that were eerily similar).

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