[Sunglasses: F21 (similar), Cardigan: JCrew (similar), Tank: H&M (similar), Bag: Kate Spade (cute print here), Jeans: American Eagle (similar), Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider]

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great week.

As for me, so far this week has been a blast! It's "Big/Little" week for my sorority so I have been having many presents brought to my dorm from my Big (though I don't find out who it is until Sunday). So far I know that she is an incredibly sweet and generous girl and I can not WAIT to find out who she is!! I will let you know after the big reveal!

Anyway, I chose to take pictures of my Kate Spade tote today because it was on my shoulder ALL DAY today. No joke - not only is it the perfect size, but it also has an adorable print that is perfect for spring! It was a great investment, I highly recommend you buy one. You can find a similar tote (in another great print!) here.

Have a great day :)



[Necklace: Kohls (similar), Blue button-down: JCrew (similar), Gingham button-down: JCrew (similar), Belt: Gap (similar), Jeans: American Eagle (similar), Socks: Kohls (similar), Boots: Hunter, Bracelets: F21]

On a cold and rainy day like today I love to layer my outfit for some extra warmth. Today I went for long socks under my Hunter rain boots and two of my favorite JCrew button downs. I also love how these layers add extra color and texture to my outfit!

Hope you kept warm and dry today, happy Monday everyone!


*Flamin' Hot

[Shoes (top left): Prada, Shoes (bottom right): Topshop]

One of my favorite items in Prada’s Spring 2012 collection is their collection of flame sandals. They just make me want to hop into my (imaginary) Mercedes-Benz and speed through the streets like a stuntman.

These flaming heels are a sizzling $1,110 … so instead of burning out my wallet I found these Wing High Sandals at Topshop. Just as hot!



[Flower pin: H&M (similar), Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar), Belt: Mom's, Shoes: BCBG (similar)]

On Thursday I had the pleasure of talking with one of my favorite bloggers, Jacey Duprie, of Damsel in Dior. I reached out to her a few days ago to see if I could find out a little bit about her background and how she created such a successful blog! We chatted about her experiences as a fashion blogger and she gave me some great advice on steps I can take to help my blog grow. I had a fantastic time talking to Jacey and am so thankful she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to me! Thanks Jacey!

BTW – every single one of you should check out her blog Damsel in Dior. She is a beautiful and talented woman who has some GREAT stuff on her blog!
Seriously, go look. Right now. You’ll thank me.



[Leather Jacket: Kohls (old), Tank: F21, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Banana Republic]

Today I thought I would pull together one of my edgier outfits. . .I normally gravitate toward the more preppy looks, but this spring/summer I really want to diversify my wardrobe! Let me know what you think!

Have a great day!



[Tank: JCrew (similar), Cardigan: JCrew (similar), Belt: JCrew (similar), Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Macy's, Scarf: gift]

I absolutely loved the outfit I wore today. Spring pastel colors always put me in a good mood . . . the soft shades make my outfits feel so light and fresh! I have my wonderful roommate Julia to thank for letting me borrow her tank and cardigan; she has quite the collection of JCrew items in our closet (thank goodness!). Also, her mom visited this weekend and bought me this scarf! Such a sweet family!

I hope you are all having a great week so far, thanks for reading!


*Be Mine

[Dress: H&M, Top: JCrew, Jewelry: JCrew, Flower: H&M, Shoes: Macys]

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by those who love you!



[Sunglasses: F21, Coat: JCrew, Top: JCrew, Belt: Gap, Pants: F21, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted)]

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a great start to the week! I decided that for this outfit I would go with a few layers (there are even more that you can't see) because it was FREEZING when my suite mate, Marisa, and I did this shoot! The wind felt like it was blowing at about 8o mph - I felt like I was Dorothy when she was running back to her house away from the tornado! (Toto not included in these images).

I love this black coat I got as a Christmas present from my parents a few years ago. It's length allows for added warmth for my legs and the detail around the buttons makes it appropriate for dressier occasions as well. It has been my go-to piece during the winter; hopefully I can put it away for GOOD once the weather gets a little warmer here!

Hope you had a great start to your week!



[Jacket: F21: Necklace: F21, Top: Banana Republic, Belt: JCrew, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Macy's]

I want to dedicate this post to my mother's creativity genius. I've grown up learning from her how to make a vast array of crafts such as scrapbooking, Stampin' Up, and jewelry making. There were always multiple projects going on in her office. I love watching my mom work; it's in her nature to do these fun crafts and seeing her so proud of her finished products is wonderful!!
Over winter break, she and I had the idea of changing the button on this red blazer to a more vintage looking piece we found at Hobby Lobby. It took 2 seconds to switch them and, voila! A jacket with a little flair!
I am continually impressed with my mom's creativity - I hope after 18 years of being around all those art projects some of that talent will rub off on me!



[Top: F21, Belt: Mom's, Skirt: JCrew (old), Shoes: Macy's]

As a twin, I'm used to sharing. My sister and I share just about everything - our clothes, shoes, jewelry-even our car. But one thing I never experienced as a child were hand-me-downs. Now I'm not complaining (as I would prefer new things any day) - but I have to admit I was a little excited when my mom gave me this leather belt. She had bought it in Italy when she was a just little older than I am now. I love the idea of being able to own a piece that has had such a past; it's wonderful to listen to my mom's memories of her fashion in the 1970's and the stories she has connected to different pieces.
I hope one day my clothing will keep my memories alive when I pass them down to my children!

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