[Top: F21, Belt: Mom's, Skirt: JCrew (old), Shoes: Macy's]

As a twin, I'm used to sharing. My sister and I share just about everything - our clothes, shoes, jewelry-even our car. But one thing I never experienced as a child were hand-me-downs. Now I'm not complaining (as I would prefer new things any day) - but I have to admit I was a little excited when my mom gave me this leather belt. She had bought it in Italy when she was a just little older than I am now. I love the idea of being able to own a piece that has had such a past; it's wonderful to listen to my mom's memories of her fashion in the 1970's and the stories she has connected to different pieces.
I hope one day my clothing will keep my memories alive when I pass them down to my children!

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  1. obsessed with this outfit! keep it up al! love the blog! -maura


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