*Flower Power

[Shirt: J.Crew (cute graphic here), Button-down: J.Crew (similar), Earrings: hand-made, Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Pants: Macy's (similar) Shoes: Macy's (similar)]

It is sunny, it is the weekend, I'm going to see Mac Miller tonight, life is good!
Elon's spring concert this year is featuring White Panda and Mac Miller - and since my roommate is a fan of any and ALL concerts we decided we couldn't miss out! I would be lying if I said I was a fan of Mac Miller's music considering my latest Pandora playlists have been "Today's Country", "Keith Urban Radio", and "Florence and the Machine", but I've heard a few of his songs and I've really liked them!
I'm definitely on a floral kick right now with the spring flowers in bloom. My mom bought me these heels a couple years ago for a fashion show my high school was putting on. I think they are a beautiful combination of bright colors that matched PERFECTLY with my new jeans! And my earrings are handmade by one of my closest friends from back home (now attending Duke-smarty pants!) She is an extremely talented girl who has GREAT fashion. I had to give a shout-out to her in this post because she has been so supportive of my blog!
Love you Erin!



[Jacket: J.Crew (similar), Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Sunnies: F21 (similar) Shorts: Gap (similar), Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider]

The week is almost over and I am ready to lay outside in this beautiful weather! It is torture having to stare out the window during class seeing the sun shining down on campus. My suite mate Marisa and I have found the perfect hiding spot to lay outside in the grass so that we don't get stares as I lay across my blanket snoring with my mouth open...(I can't help the way I sleep..)
Anyway, I got this jacket at J.Crew over spring break on a MEGA sale! It's not something that I would normally be attracted to but I LOVE the versatility of this piece. With this look I was going for a preppy, nautical theme (or an Indiana Jones' side kick...your pick) but I have also worn it with skinny jeans and a scarf, over a black dress, and with my J.Crew chambray shirt (a similar one here) and a floral skirt! So many ways to wear it, which makes it even more worth it!


*Polka Dots

[Shirt: F21, Necklace: Francesca's (similar), Sunnies: Ray Ban, Pants: F21, Watch: Guess, Shoes: Macy's (similar) Bag: F21]

There's nothing like the feeling of wearing your pajamas to class. I admit I've done it before - why, just this morning I accidentally woke up five minutes before class and had to throw on my workout clothes as I was running out the door.
But no one would guess that these pants, as adorable as they are, feel like I just rolled out of bed and decided to NOT change out of my PJs for the day.
Paired with this light button down and clunky sandals, I have the perfect go-to outfit for when I'm too lazy to put on something more fitted. Wearing jeans on a hot 75-degree day? No thank you.
The entire look (minus the shoes and purse) was pieces from the shopping I did with my mom over break. In fact, she picked these pants out at Forever 21. I'll tell ya - we are the dynamic duo when it comes to shopping. We both cover stores in a heartbeat and come out with the best deals!
Maybe we should make a reality show...Marti & Al take Kansas City?


*Bold Hues

[Top: H&M (cute ones here and here), Earrings: F21 (similar), Sunnies: Ray Ban, Watch: Guess, Pants: American Eagle (similar), Shoes: Macy's (similar)]

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great week. Here is one top that I bought over break. I was immediately attracted to the bold colors and the paisley print. I thought it was a perfect shirt for spring; light, comfortable, but bold! I am yet to buy any neon pieces for spring...but this is a step in the right direction!


Here are a few pictures I took while in Florida...enjoy!


*Fun, Fun, Fun

[Cardigan: JCrew (similar), Chambray shirt: JCrew (similar), Dress: F21 (similar), Shoes: F21 (similar), Scarf: Gifted (similar)]

I had so much fun these past few days with my suite mates in Florida! We spent our days on the beach and nights in the town. We had Julia's beautiful beach house all to ourselves (which we regretted after watching Taken and being scared out of our minds). We were so fortunate to have beautiful weather. Unfortunately, toward the end of the first day, we all realized we might not have been as cautious as we should have been in the Florida sun. Let's just say there was a LOT of Aloe Vera used this weekend.
I flew into Kansas City last night and am so happy to be home! There's nothing like walking into your house after being away for three months and having that comforting, familiar feeling take over. Today my mom and I spent the day organizing her closet and shopping...we always have so much fun together!
I hope you all are enjoying your week - more pictures from Florida soon!


*Spring Break

T minus 19 hours until I am on my way to the best Spring Break trip ever!!! I am so excited to break free from the stress of school work and lay out on the beach with my friends.
Here are a few of my favorite items for the spring - I especially love the neon watch and the retro sunglasses, so cute!
I can't wait for my next blog post to be in FLORIDA!!!



[Necklace: Handmade (similar), Top: Banana Republic (similar), Pants: Banana Republic (similar) Shoes: Macy's (similar) Watch: Guess, Sunglasses: F21 (a real Ray Ban version here)]

I was so happy that I could pull these pants out of my "summer wear" wardrobe for today's 70-degree weather. I might be a little premature in wearing white pants in March, but these slacks are so comfy I couldn't resist.

If you look really close at these pictures you can see that my pants have a subtle cheetah print to them. I absolutely love the detail - they look simple from afar, but close up they have a very unique print! Whenever I shop I always pay close attention to the little details of an item. I tend to examine things like the zippers or stitching. Maybe it's my inner designer showing...or maybe I just watch too much Project Runway. Yep, that's probably it.


*Black and Blue

[Sunglasses: F21 (similar), Blazer: F21 (similar) (I changed out the buttons like this one) Dress: F21, Shoes: Michael Kors (similar) (borrowed from my lovely roommate) Necklace: F21 (similar)]

I thought this title would be appropriate for this post because I've been under the weather for a few days. I feel like I've been beat up - my whole body aches and I just want to take a nice long nap and watch How I Met Your Mother! But, alas, there is work to be done. I hope I start to feel better this week because nothing will stop me from going to Florida!!!

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