*The Swing: Take Two

Hello strangers! It seems like years since I posted here...last week was a whirlwind of sorority activities and piles among piles of homework. But-good news-I just finished my second fashion segment for The Swing! 

For this segment I had two very talented friends help me film and edit this one. Catherine Leonard is a Media Arts and Entertainment major here and one of my very close friends. She volunteered to help with the audio when we filmed this segment. She has always been a great girl to call on when I need help filming - she has an amazing talent and is always looking for ways to practice! (P.S. you should all check out her blog catherineleonard.wordpress.com)

Derek Scully (check out his portfolio at derekscully.com) is one of the most exceptional Communications majors I know at Elon. He was so kind to help me not only create the set and film the video (for five hours!) but also sit in the editing suites with me and teach me how to create a fluid and dynamic video. 
I am so thankful he was here to guide me through the filming and editing process.

Check out my latest segment at 4:55! 

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