[Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Top: J.Crew (similar), Scarf: H&M (similar), Belt: Kohls (similar), Jeans: American Eagle (love these here), Shoes: Kohls (very old pair...but super cute pair here)]

I'm sitting in my bed right now amidst an accumulating pile of bathing suits, assorted t-shirts and miscellaneous items I will probably have no need for in Florida yet cannot bear to leave behind. This operation known as packing is quite the tedious task for me...I tend to devote WAY too much energy toward trying to plan out every detail of my trip. I will spend literally hours putting together outfits that, when I reach my destination, have no desire to wear at all. Though somewhat frustrating, I still can't help but write down all my outfits on sticky notes before I leave for a trip. All I keep thinking is what the heck am I going to do when I study abroad for a semester??? But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 
I am so thrilled to be spending nine days with my boyfriend Andy in Florida! I haven't seen the boy in almost three months...it's been way too long! Follow me on Twitter (@TheFlareBlog) and Instagram (@theflareblog) to stay updated with our shenanigans! 

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