*Something Borrowed

[Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (similar), Chambray Shirt: American Eagle (similar), Shirt: J.Crew (similar), Shorts: J.Crew (another cute print here!), Shoes: Urban Outfitters (wish I had these too!)]

One of the best things about reuniting with your twin sister? Not the laughs or the storytelling (though those are wonderful) ...but a whole new wardrobe ready for me to take advantage of. Before we went away to college my sister and I had the Great Clothing Divide of 2011. No joke, we gave it a name. And a list of rules. Alisa and I laid out every item of clothing we had shared all through high school and went, one by one, through each piece deciding who got what. Surprisingly enough, it didn't end in tears and hair pulling, but a respectful handshake and a little wimper as we said goodbye to half of our closet.

Which brings me to the Great Clothing Reunion of 2012. Coming home and walking into my sister's closet, it was like opening a whole new wardrobe. This entire outfit is a sample of what I've been missing for so long, I can't wait to "borrow" some more things! (I wouldn't be surprised if a few ended up in my suitcase back to Elon!) 

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