[Necklace: Boutique (cute one here!), Denim top: Marshalls (similar), Tank: F21, Bracelet: Grandma's, Watch: Fossil (similar), Skirt: F21 (similar), Shoes: Macy's (similar)]

Hey, have ya missed me? In case you haven't noticed (judging by the dramatic drop in viewings over the past week I'm sure you have) I've been absent from the blogosphere for about....what is it now... 10 days? I think that's a record.
I was testing to see if I would hear a plea for more posts, but all I got were a few sarcastic "did you just stop?" and "are you taking an extended vacation from your blog?" Even though right now you are probably thinking you would never loan me a dime because of my clear untrustworthiness, I must ask you to forgive me. Please, I beg of you, with a cherry on top, to forgive me for my lackadaisical manner!
Here is my weak excuse as to why I've been M.I.A: I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off (gruesome) all over my hometown, Long Valley, NJ. As many of you know, I am now situated in Kansas City, Missouri...so this past week and the following week I will be house hoppin' around good ole' Long Valley visiting friends. It's been bittersweet seeing everyone from my hometown...but it doesn't feel like I've left this place at all. I've got a few more posts lined up for this week so stay tuned and have faith that I will return!

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