*Come sail away

I was wearing:
[Necklace: Kate Spade (similar), Dress: F21 (similar ones here, here and here), Watch: Guess]

You know when someone does something that really surprises you, in a good way, and you just want to jump up, give them a high five and say "Good freakin' job!" Well that's what I was inclined to do when Andy surprised me with a dinner and cruise on Thursday evening. Now he has always been the bring-me-flowers, take-me-out-to-dinner, pay-for-everything type of lad, but this little excursion definitely set the bar pretty high for any vacations to come.
We had a fabulous time eating a delicious dinner and watching Clearwater roll by as we ventured out into the Gulf. There was much teasing of throwing our precious electronics into the ocean (I let him hold my iPhone because I had no pockets.....bad idea on my part). It was a beautiful night and perfect weather to spend cruising through the water. My only regret is not forcing Andy to dance with me to "Brown Eyed Girl" on the dance floor with all the 60+-year-old couples....instead I sat at my seat looking like I was seizing because I was flailing my arms and bobbing my head to the music. Mock me if you want, Andy, but I had a blast dancing solo at that table! 

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