*The new girl

[Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Scarf: Marshalls (love love love this one), Top: Madewell (similar), Bracelets: Urban Outfitters (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Kohls (similar)]

Watch out people...there's a new photographer in town. And she goes by the name of 'Marti', 'Ma', 'Mom', 'HEY!', and in the occasional act of appealing for something, 'Mommyyyy'!
That's right...my dearest mother was oh so kind as to take over the role of photographer ever since my right-hand ladies (Julia and Marisa) and I separated for the summer. And boy has she taken it over like a boss! Never was I aware of my mother's knack for making me look slightly better in photos than I actually look in real life (if you saw my hair that day...you would have noticed that it had not been washed in two days...). Besides the minimal bickering ("Al, roll up your sleeves! Fix your hair! SHOULDERS BACK!") she is quite the professional at documenting my outfits.
I look forward to continuing my work with the newest addition to Team Flare! (queue pathetic theme song)

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