[Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Necklace: J.Crew (cute one here), Top: Madewell (similar), Purse: Coach (borrowed from Mom, similar here), Watch: Guess, Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Marc Fisher (similar)]

Remember the last time I wore these shoes? (You probably don't, so I'll help ya here). That outfit was kind of a slap in the face of pink wasn't it? Yeah, I agree...sometimes I get a little color-happy when I put together outfits. When I pulled out these shoes this time, I reverted to my favorite go-to outfit - a white button-down and jeans. Can't go wrong! Plus I found this adorable Coach purse as I was rummaging through my mom's closet (it's like a gold mine in there). And voila! Add a few colorful accessories and the outfit is complete.


*Back in Black

 [Hat: Gap (similar), Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Necklace: Macy's (cute one here), Tank: H&M (similar), Watch: Guess, Pants: F21, Shoes: Banana Republic (similar)]

There is something so rebellious about putting on black skinny jeans and a black tank in the middle of summer. It's like a version of "talk to the hand", where I'm ignoring the 100% humidity and 100+ degree temperature telling me to put on some jeans shorts and a tee because it's that painfully miserable outside. But this monochromatic outfit paired with my aviators and leopard heels makes me feel like a freakin' rockstar (hence the appropriate song title). So back off summer heat, I don't care if you make my skinny jeans stick to my legs...I'm still rockin them! 


*History lesson

[Sunglasses: F21 (similar), Top: H&M (similar), Belt: J. Crew (similar), Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: J. Crew (similar)]

Though I don't normally gravitate toward vintage pieces when I shop, I was immediately drawn to this 1930's-esque skirt at Madewell last week. I fell in love with the print and curvature of the piece. My closet consists of mostly loose-fitting items so this hip-hugging skirt was definitely out of the ordinary for me to pick up! As my blog grows, I'm trying to expand my style as well...experimenting with pieces of clothing I normally wouldn't. What are your thoughts on the skirt? 



[Hat: Gap, Necklace: Banana Republic, Top: J.Crew (similar), Shorts: Madewell (similar), Shoes: Gap (similar)]

One of my dear friends from school gave me this great pair of shorts at the end of the year. I was VERY happy to take them off her hands. I love the texture and touches of gold! Also, I basically stole this hat from Gap (considering I got it on super sale for $3.50). It's moments like those that give me hope that the dwindling money in my wallet will take me to great things. 
Sorry for the late/brief post...dinner is waiting! Hope you had a great Wednesday! 


*Indian food and carrot cake

[Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Necklace: Kohls (similar), Top: J.Crew (cute one here!), Watch: Guess (similar), Jeans: American Eagle (similar), Shoes: J.Crew (similar)]

Alas, another birthday is upon us in the Ryncarz household. In fact, two this week. My dearest father is celebrating his ** birthday today (he'd kill me if I put his age) and my mother is celebrating her ** on Saturday. We went out to lunch with my dad today at his work and plan on opening gifts and having his birthday dinner tonight! Every year for my dad's birthday there are two things that are inevitable: Indian food and Carrot cake. His two faves. However, this year, he went all "I'm watching my weight" on us so instead of a bountiful (and heavy) assortment of Indian food for dinner followed by a scrumptious carrot cake...we will be having veggie sandwiches and carrot CUPcakes. ("Smaller portions" Dad says.) I guess I'll thank him in the long run. 


*Pajama time: round 2

[Hat: American Eagle (similar), Sunglasses: F21 (similar), Shirt: Gap (similar), Necklace: Kate Spade (similar), Watch: Guess, Belt: Kohls (similar), Shorts: J.Crew (similar), Shoes: Macy's (similar)]

Remember that time when wearing pajamas to school was what all the cool kids were doing? ....no? Well in my middle school years (ah, the fun of it all) there was a period where - don't ask me why - when wearing pajama bottoms to your classes was all the rage. Now, of course, being a 13-year-old, it was imperative that I stay on top of the latest trends. I begged and begged my mom to let me wear some of my baggy, unwashed and tasteless PJ's, only to see her role her eyes and hear her fervently deny my request.
This is why, when I found these shorts while shopping in J.Crew during their 50% off summer sale event (boy did we walk out with some deals), all my memories of middle school's treacherous style wars came flooding back. Now is my chance!, I thought, to wear shorts SO comfortable that it looks like I'm wearing pajama bottoms! Honestly...I've never come across a pair of shorts so cozy that I could envision myself sleeping in them. Heck, I'd even wear these shoes to bed they're that comfortable.
So, kids, what's the moral of the story? Hang on to those trends if you missed them the first time 'round,  you can always repeat them with a vengeance. 


*Every fashion blogger's dream

[Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Earrings: H&M (similar), Top: c/o Sugarlips, Pants: F21, Watch: Fossil (similar), Shoes: Francesca's (similar)] 

Imagine my happiness when I open my email and see a message from Sugarlips inviting me to be a part of their blogger affiliate program. And as I fill out their application, what is the last question? Or right, CHOOSE a piece of clothing you would like us to send you! No "for a discounted price" or "if you buy one regular-priced item". This was a no-strings-attached GIFT. 
It was like Christmas morning. No, it was like having a SECOND Christmas in July. And a second birthday, all combined. 
Now because I still consider myself a newbie to the fashion-blogging world, I believe my reaction to this email was one of extremely heightened emotions. I called my mom. I called my dad. I called my sister. I told my boyfriend twice...who was with me the entire time I spread the news (so he heard THAT story about six or seven times...). 
This little coral number was my article of choice. I'm obsessed with the cut-out sleeves and the color! Getting this top without spending a dime definitely has me inspired to make my blog so awesome EVERYONE wants a little piece of it. (Now I may be 80 by the time that happens but maybe they will still want me??) 

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