*History lesson

[Sunglasses: F21 (similar), Top: H&M (similar), Belt: J. Crew (similar), Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: J. Crew (similar)]

Though I don't normally gravitate toward vintage pieces when I shop, I was immediately drawn to this 1930's-esque skirt at Madewell last week. I fell in love with the print and curvature of the piece. My closet consists of mostly loose-fitting items so this hip-hugging skirt was definitely out of the ordinary for me to pick up! As my blog grows, I'm trying to expand my style as well...experimenting with pieces of clothing I normally wouldn't. What are your thoughts on the skirt? 

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  1. Love it Alison! I can't pull off longer skirts bc I am so short! Miss you!


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