*Training Wheels

[Jacket: Banana Republic (similar), Necklace: J.Crew (similar), Kate Spade, Tank: Express (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Bag: Zara (cute one here), Watch: Guess, Shoes: H&M (similar)

Well, I did it. I took off the metaphorical training wheels on the bike that is my hairstyle and went for the whole shabang: (shaBANG, get it?) After months of consideration (I will just apologize right now to all of you who had to listen to me talk relentlessly about it) I finally had my bangs cut and hair colored.  I'll tell ya, there's no nerves-killer like waiting hours at a time for something to happen. Like when we went skydiving a few weeks back we had to wait five hours to get up there, and by that point I was like JUST THROW ME OUT OF THIS GOSH DARN PLANE SO I CAN GO HOME AND TAKE A SHOWER. Same goes for getting my hair cut....after three hours in the hair salon (I'm used to a 20-minute trim) I was so ready to see my new hair I practically pleaded the hairdresser to turn my seat around. And, lucky for me, Susan complied and voila! Training wheels GONE! 

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  1. hey,
    thank you so much for your sweet comment! :)
    i just clicked the "follow"-button. your outfits are amazing and your hair-style looks so nice. wish i could have hair like that!

    greetings from germany


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