This is a post in which I teach you how to add a little pizazz...a little "oomph", if you will...to an ordinary look. Al's way. 
We begin with the basics: a button-down and jeans. A typical outfit for class, but for me, sans shoes. I don't normally run recklessly around campus barefoot, but for this post I made an exception (enduring a few stares along the way). It felt invigorating to go so far against fashion norms to not even WEAR anything on my feet. But the point of this post is not to advocate shoe-less-ness; what we have here is an outfit needing a little TLC. It's like a paper that has only your name and the opening sentence written (like the one I should be writing now). So we move on to proceeding paragraphs in this next step...

...by adding some shoes. It was fun while it lasted, feet. Now you are adorned with some colorful little fancies that neither compliment nor clash with the striped top, but still make you think twice about the cohesiveness of the outfit. And to that thought I say, "try and stop me from putting these on my half-pedicured toes". Mixing prints is my salute to the fashion world and so I wear this outfit collage with pride. 

And what's an outfit without bling? Or, in this case Bling with a capital B because of the overcompensation of bracelets. To be honest, I just rifled through my jewelry box and picked out the bracelets closest to the top. And the necklace, well, that thing is just a kick-ass addition to any ensemble. So of course this outfit was in need. 

And here it is. The Triple Whopper of pattern-mixing. The Big Mac of accessorizing. Adding piles of jewelry was not enough to complete this outfit. No, what else was needed was a matching bag and hat and ANOTHER print to make any conservative dresser's head dizzy. And voila. The final product of me gazing into the sky in my new and improved look. I could have continued adding to the outfit a jacket, a cape, a skirt to put over the pants, a teacup pig to put in my bag.... but things would have gotten weird. So to that I say I hope you've enjoyed this edition of how I make a normal outfit weird and that you've been inspired to do the same! (Go to class tomorrow barefoot, I dare you.) 

[Hat: Gap (similar), Top: Ralph Lauren (similar here and here), Necklace: Macy's (similar), Bracelets: all J.Crew, Watch: Guess, Belt: Kohls (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Macy's (loving these) Bag: J.Crew (great fall version here)]



  1. So creative! I love it!

  2. Love it: the classics, revamped!


  3. Great jeans! I love how accessories can totally transform an outfit!



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