*Four eyes

[Glasses: Urban Outfitters, Dress (worn as blouse because I'm dumb and got a size too small): Urban Outfitters, Skirt: F21 (similar), Shoes: Zara (similar)]

If your first thought upon viewing this post was "this girl is a four eyes?!", then 1.) middle school called - they want their joke back and 2.) the joke is on YOU because I, in fact, have excellent eyeballs. Don't say that to my parents though...I just recently broke the news to them that when I was in elementary school I faked having bad vision to get some super hip purple Hush Puppies glasses. Didn't need them, but my selfish seven-year-old self concluded that the only way I could be a cool first grader was to completely fake the vision test and plead my parents to buy me a pair. Diabolical, yes, even at that age. I'm not sure if I want to go back in time and punish Adolescent Al for such a stunt or high-five myself. Probably the latter. 



  1. i totally did that too! I thought glasses were so cool in elementary school so I faked bad eyes to get glasses haha :)


  2. Fun print on your top! I'm so jealous of your skirt...want it!



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