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Now I don’t want to jinx it, but things are getting pretty serious between the blog and I. I mean, it’s been an entire year. We spend so much time together and the blog is always on my mind…guys, I think this might be true love.

And in honor of this 365-day long love, I’ve decided to thank all of you cool peeps for helping my blog grow (and become something people actually want to look at rather than something I force my parents to read). So I’ve decided to have a giveaway for this awesome necklace I'm wearing from Saks Fifth Ave Off Fifth.

Alls you gots ta do is follow the rules above and find out if you're 

Before I let you go, I got to reflecting on this past year and came up with the top 10 things I have learned from one year of blogging. Enjoy. And take notes.

1. Everything in life is instagrammable.
2. You will never stop receiving weird looks while posing for pictures. So get used to it.
3. “Put THIS on The Flare Al!” has become a common joke amongst friends for fashion no-no's.
4. If it’s 100+ degrees in July and you’re wearing a grey shirt at 4 in the afternoon, don’t think your blog pictures will turn out great. Or even acceptable.
5. Friends’ closets = extended wardrobe options = tearing them apart looking for the perfect top.
6. Seeing who will stand outside and take pictures in 30-degree weather is a true testament to friendship (shout-out to Marisa).
7. Photoshop is a girl’s best friend.
8. I will never master the model stare, yet I will never stop trying.
9. My nail-biting habits have created nail-hiding habits so that the former isn’t discovered in a close-up shot (clearly I still haven't learned if you saw the pictures above).
10. If you would stick out like a sore thumb in class, it deserves to be worn on the blog (AND in class, for that matter).


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