*Eager, much?

[Jacket: Zara, Necklace: J.Crew (similar), Bag: Zara (similar), Pants: F21 (similar), Boots: Zara]

I COULD have been subtle and don one piece of my Christmas clothing stash each day to prolong this period of wardrobe revamp...but instead, I decided to wear it all at once. Yeah, I'm even judging myself a little bit. I'm too excited about this jacket that gives me the urge to go buy a Harley (or at least attend some sort of car show...) so damn it I'm GOING to wear it with my new bag that thinks it's a Celine tote but is really Zara's fraternal-twin version AND my new boots whose suede exterior will no doubt look this great for a very short time. 
This is the same thing as when I used to go shopping at Limited Too with my mom and insist I walk out of the store with the clothes she just bought me. Spoiled brat.



*Merry Christmas!

Winter break update: I've successfully substituted three consecutive meals with Hershey's kisses and Tostitos chips, started watching Arrested Development last night and was therefore up all night watching more episodes than I'm proud to say, and relived some glory moments of my four-year-old self in ballet class while enjoying home videos. 
Have a very merry Christmas everyone! 




[Sweater: TJMaxx (similar), Button down: J.Crew (similar), Necklace: Macy's (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Zara (similar)]

 When we were taking these pictures, I thought my hair would look ok in the wind and you wouldn't notice my cringing face from the -3948-degree weather. 

In other news, it's three days before Christmas and I am about to start my shopping. Livin' life on the edge, people. 




[Beanie: H&M (similar), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Jacket: Jack (similar), Purse: J.Crew (similar), Watch: Guess, Dress: H&M (similar), Shoes: Aldo (similar)]
Sometimes you just have to take the risk and buy that $5 beanie even though your whole family says "Al, I don't know if that will be the best look for you" and you think "This could either be really cool or a really big trainwreck" and all of society tells you "You want to wear that beanie? Fine, now you can only listen to the Avett Brothers and Bon Iver and you have to be clad in head-to-toe Urban Outfitters" but the fashion world chants "BEANIE BEANIE BEANIE" and finally you just give up throw the damn thing on and hope for the best. 
Also, there were some priceless bangs-have-turned-into-an-afro shots that I have just enough dignity to not share with the world. Maybe next time. 



[Vest: Bar III (similar), Button-down: Thrifted (similar), Shirt: Wal-Mart (yeah man, Wal-Mart. similar one here), Watch: Guess, Necklace: J.Crew (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Nine West (similar)]

I am just now realizing that I have done LITERALLY nothing to prepare for the festivities quickly approaching except buy myself presents I don't need and eat more cookies than any human without a diabetes-wish should consume. 
And it's not like this holiday should be a surprise to me. Every single year I experience the same anxiety-inducing realization when my mind goes from "Lalala I love Santa and presents and watching Elf" to "OH #&@(*^#$ I HAVE 50 PEOPLE I HAVE TO BUY GIFTS FOR AND IT'S TOO LATE TO BUY THINGS ONLINE AND WAY WAY TOO LATE TO SEND GIFTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND I'M A BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT AND I HAVE FAILED ONCE AGAIN." 
In three days I can guarantee this moment will occur and I will still have done nothing about the situation. 

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