*"Help me I'm poor"

[Cardigan: J.Crew (similar), Necklace: Macy's, Dress: Anthropologie, Bag: F21 (love this one), Shoes: Aldo (similar)]
"Sometimes, flights home are just meant to be missed" said no one EVER. Yesterday I was able to experience this miniature glimpse of hell on my way home from Elon for winter break.
I had a connecting flight in Memphis and decided to do everything except what I was supposed to, which was to sit at the gate like a good girl and wait to board. Instead I bought some skittles, read some magazines and chatted it up with a very loquacious cashier. 
I was in the middle of snapchatting a picture of myself in the mirror with my hands in the air saying "EMPTY AIRPORT BATHROOM WHAT'S UP" when I realized I had been aimlessly walking around the airport for a little too long. When I got back to my gate my heart just about fell out of my butt as I realized everyone was gone. I was then forced to play the "help me I'm an innocent college student" card to a slew of airport staff and security until I managed to get a hotel for the night and a flight the next morning.
Life, am I right? 

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  1. Stunning necklace!



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