[Vest: Bar III (similar), Button-down: Thrifted (similar), Shirt: Wal-Mart (yeah man, Wal-Mart. similar one here), Watch: Guess, Necklace: J.Crew (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Nine West (similar)]

I am just now realizing that I have done LITERALLY nothing to prepare for the festivities quickly approaching except buy myself presents I don't need and eat more cookies than any human without a diabetes-wish should consume. 
And it's not like this holiday should be a surprise to me. Every single year I experience the same anxiety-inducing realization when my mind goes from "Lalala I love Santa and presents and watching Elf" to "OH #&@(*^#$ I HAVE 50 PEOPLE I HAVE TO BUY GIFTS FOR AND IT'S TOO LATE TO BUY THINGS ONLINE AND WAY WAY TOO LATE TO SEND GIFTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND I'M A BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT AND I HAVE FAILED ONCE AGAIN." 
In three days I can guarantee this moment will occur and I will still have done nothing about the situation. 


  1. I have the exact same problem! I get really bad anxiety about going to the mall now, but if you go right when it opens, its not as bad :) Also, love this location = sooo pretty! and that you reached 100 followers!! Congrats! and to celebrate you should eat another cookie ;) XO

  2. Your necklace is so pretty! I love it!



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