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Check out this NIFTY new feature on the blog...I've strategically placed small dots all over my body on the last image for you to find the pieces I'm wearing (or, in many cases, similar pieces to things I've owned since 9th grade...).
In other news, spiked headbands are comin' in hot in an effort for me to be more like the magnificent Lana Del Ray (I feel like this is something she would rock, no?).
Also, not seen here is a new fad I'm trying to launch: wearing TWO watches on ONE wrist. Or one on each. Or two on one and one on the other. Don't know why it's happening, but it's happening. We'll see if it catches on. 


*The reinvented pajama set

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[Top: Thrifted (similar), Pants: F21 (similar), Shoes: Saks off Fifth (similar), Bag: J.Crew (similar), Watch: Guess]

Don't be alarmed by the hair situation going on here. I mean...I MEANT TO DO THAT. I now realize that my attempted rockstar-bed-head, Alexa Chung-esque, trying-to-look-like-I-didn't-try hairdo doesn't exactly have the qualities I envisioned...but I can pull it off as the complement to what I would like to now coin the "reinvented pajama set". Last time, it was a pair of shorts that did it for me. This time, it's a thrifted silk top and the closest thing I could find to harem pants at Forever 21. 
Also, wearing heels and chunky necklaces to bed is a new thing. Spread the word. 


*Clothes are people too

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[Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: Thrifted (similar), Jeans: Gap (similar), Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar), Bag: Zara (similar)]
Oh cozy, oversized, and slightly unflattering Sweater, how I love you and your ability to transform something that feels like a blanket into a fashion trend. 
Thank you Hat for masking the fact that my hair was neither shampooed nor conditioned because showers have lost to "well...then I can sleep for another 20 minutes". 
Sunglasses, thanks for thinking outside of the box today and becoming a hip hip accessory (see what I did there?), and for shielding my left thigh from UV rays. 
Skinny Jeans, you look like you would require a pants-dance to get into but in reality have the level of stretch suitable for a Thanksgiving meal. 
And Reptilian Shoes, you just rock. 

Also...shout-out to my wonderful roommate Anna for being my new photographer! Sorry for putting your life in danger by taking pictures in the middle of the street. 


*In which I steal Mom's shoes

DSC_0192 DSC_0185 DSC_0176
[Beanie: H&M (similar), Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (similar), Dress: F21 (similar), Shoes: Urban Outfitters]

Mom, this blog post is dedicated to you and these boots that you bought when we went shopping together in which I knew …WE BOTH KNEW… that when you asked “should I get them??” and I said “YEAH you’ll be the hippest mom on the block!” and you said “I’ll wear them!” and I said “YEAH YOU WILL!”, unfortunately, instead they would travel from the shoe box to the shoe pile in the garage, awaiting that moment of recognition and appreciation when you decided to wear them out.
Too bad I got a hold of them over winter break. I apologize for adopting them as my own before you even offered them to me but, honestly, we both knew how this would unfold.
Here’s to more impulsive buys and subsequent hand-me-downs! 

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