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It's that time of the year. The time I start contemplating some serious makeovers. Maybe it's the anticipation of spring weather approaching or my co-dependent relationship with Pinterest, but I'm at a point where I've been asking myself some serious (-ly disturbing) questions:
"Hey guys, can I rock some blue highlights?"
"I wonder what a nose piercing would look like..."
"At what point does my hair become short enough that I resemble a boy?"

Answers I've received (and tend to agree with): No, bad, and anything above the shoulders. 



*Mary Poppins

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This is probably the least Valentine's Day-related Valentine's Day post...no red outfit, no gift-giving advice...just a picture of me trying to be Mary Poppins.
As Liz Lemon would say, Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day friends!


*Average Joe

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Mundane picture-taking takes an unexpected turn when we meet Joe: down-the-road neighbor, avid story-teller, and a man with quite the imagination.
During our pleasant 15-minute chat, our conversation ranged from ghost stories to a debate on the existence of aliens. Enjoy one quote I remember verbatim (you'll get why).
Joe's thoughts on alien abductions: 
"Come knock on my door, take me to the bookstore, or take me out for coffee...don't just come into my room in the middle of the night and abduct me." 
That's right Joe! Show a man some respect before you abduct him! 


*It's time we acknowledge

Scarf_1 Scarf_2 Scarf_3 Scarf_4 Scarf_5 Scarf_6 Scarf_7
I think it's about time I acknowledge the title of my blog by wearing some pants whose style is, well, exactly my blog's name. The Flare, meet Flare Jeans. Play nice, you two. 
You'd think I'd be compelled to wear these jeans more often considering they could be a key player in spreading The Flare's name. 
[Insert, a realistic guess of how the conversation would ensue]
"Hey, nice pants!"
"Thanks! They're my favorite flare jeans."
"Awesome! Well I've got to run. I'll see ya-"
Unfortunately, the genes I was given at birth (pun absolutely intended) make it difficult to pull off such a style without the help of about four inches in heel. And we all know running across campus in heels only results in cramped calves and me sitting down for class completely out of breath. 

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