*Pseudo-Easter post

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I guess you could consider this an Easter-themed post with the deranged bunnies over my shoulder. Imagine THOSE at a children's Easter-egg hunt. 

And that's the image I'll leave you with today. 

(Also, sorry for the stain on my jacket (no! don't scroll back up to check!!!). Don't know what I was eating at the time when that happened...)




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Let's talk about FOMO. Or, for those of you unfamiliar with the new jargon established daily, Fear of Missing Out. Not to confuse it with YOLO, although the two can compliment one another in many situations, (Ex: "I'm going to eat this entire jar of Nutella and watch Girls with my friends at 12 a.m. on a school night because YOLO AND FOMO).
Let's talk about how much FOMO affects our lives. Specifically, college students' lives. More specifically, my college-student life. 
Last year, if you asked me how well I managed my time, I would have said I was smart, proactive, put-together...I was a nerd, but damnit I got my stuff DONE. 
Then comes my sophomore year when my mentality suddenly shifts from 'new kid on campus' to serious senioritis (yes, I'm aware I have two more years to go. Who knows how that will turn out...). Suddenly, chatting with my friends seems MUCH more attractive then dying a slow death alone in my room writing SWOT analyses while a textbook pile the size of a small child sits on my desk. 
But isn't this what college is about? I try to reassure my parents "I'm not going to remember the A I got on my paper as much as I'll remember the nights I stayed up until 4 in the morning in McEwen making music videos" (shout out to Julia Boyd) in which they reply "Ok Al, sure, if you make it out of college alive. But you sure will remember the F on that paper if you're jobless and on the STREETS"
Okay, I kid, They're not that mean. 
But the struggle continues (with no hope of being solved) between being a "responsible adult" (read that with sarcasm) and making mems at college. Mems = memories. BTW that's a new thing. 


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