*Forget everything your mother told you (sorry Marti)

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Guys. I'm back. Back from the dead (if death was exams and applying for internships and overdosing on coffee). But what's important is that I've gotten my butt back in gear and 1. actually showered 2. made time to find my photographer Katy and a cool brick wall and 3. scaled said wall for dramatic effect in this post. 

During my hiatus I have learned a few things about dressing I thought I'd share with you through today's outfit (I'm into numbering if you can't tell):
1. No sleep or no mascara in your makeup bag = sunglasses all hours of the day. It was cloudy today. It was 5:00 pm. I wore sunglasses anyway.  
2. Never underestimate the forgiveness of a baggy top. This one can do no wrong. 
3. Forget every rule you've ever heard about not combining navy blue and black. Just do it. You won't regret it.
4. Sometimes, when the zipper to your leather pants breaks, you just have to put some spandex on underneath and wear a super long shirt to hide the gaping hole in your pants because these are just TOO AWESOME TO THROW AWAY. 
5. Shoes that fully cover your feet are so out. 



  1. I love this navy and black combo!


  2. I love this necklace that you are wearing here! So detailed!

    Lindsey Louise

  3. I love the backdrop for this shoot! Ran across your blog & am now following, follow me too if you wish:



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