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Newest trend in communication: bullets. Short. Choppy. Incomplete. Sentences. EZ 2 read. U won't lose interest amiright?
Here is my life in a serious of what's "IN and OUT":

-Seeing my sister (and family) in one week
-Ambushing NYC with my presence this summer
-The above outfit. Flowy dresses-turned-skirts and shaved legs = the best feeling you’ll ever experience
-Shameless plugs (see below)

-Leaving my sister (and family) for 2 months 
-Throwin’ deuces to my sophomore year at Elon
-Pants. I never want to wear pants again. FREEDOM 
-Not taking advantage of shamelessly plugging on my blog before

In NYC I’ll be an editorial intern for Refinery29 (it’s just, like, the coolest website evaaa CHECK IT OUT). Read it, fall in love, become addicted, refuse to accept your addiction, and proceed to fall down the slippery slope of devoting your life to reading Refinery29.
Same goes for the latest edition of The Edge. Send it to your mom, your mom’s Martini Club, your teachers from high school, that family friend you don’t know why but for some reason have his/her/their email, post it as your FB status, tweet it, make a Vine of you reading it...


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  1. Gorgeous heels!



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