Big Al, meet Big Apple

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New perk of NYC: demoting friend Hal Rhorer to "Bang Control".

Well, I made it to the Big Apple. Al in the Big Apple. Big Al in the Big Apple. There we go.

I've found that waking up to New York City can be quite pleasant - except for when it’s at seven in the morning due to the jack hammer across the street. Ever. Dang. Morning.

After almost one week here I've learned a few things about this city (so obviously I'm going to share them because I value my opinion ever so greatly). 

Shaving your legs in a minuscule New York City shower is difficult. And terrifying. And a lot of, “AHHHH BLOOD MY ANKLE OH NO I DON’T HAVE ANY BAND-AIDS WHAT HAPPENS NOW??!!?”
You can never get enough of those street performers! Except when they suddenly transform into monkeys on the subway and think it's ok to jump ALL. OVER. ME. while climbing along the railing, and then it's like "Come on guys. You're literally sweating on me and my own sweat because it's 500 degrees in here and now I'm supposed to applaud. Ok fine that was cool HERE'S ONE DOLLAR." 
Meal Dollars (or “Monopoly Money” as I like to call it at Elon) does NOT exist here. AKA every meal hurts my heart/wallet. AKA I need to kick my coffee addiction realllll quick.
Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend. Google Maps is.

I'll keep note of more lessons I learn in the next nine weeks. In the meantime, wish me luck!    

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  1. The bright color adds a gorgeous pop of color!



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