*On gummy worms and crop tops

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Photos by Matt

And just like that, the security blanket that was my long hair is no more. Luckily, I had one of the most animated and hilarious hairdressers in New York to distract me (and by that, I mean literally force-feed me gummy worms) as I parted ways with my long(ish) locks. No, seriously. Her name was Lola (SHE WAS A SHOWGIRL) and she was on a serious caffeine/high-on-life kick throughout our appointment and thought it was in my best interest to feed me gummies as I sat back and talked about life and the meaning of. 
Definitely one of my better salon trips. 
Anyway, I felt inclined to wear my boo-ya-yeah-I-thrifted-this striped skirt with a similar-but-not-really striped top (that my sister cut from a dress, you go girl). I've had a serious fling with crop tops recently - not the ones that are like HEREEEE'S MY BELLY BUTTON because, let's be honest, nothing sounds worse than baring my entire stomach for the world to see (especially after having been fed an entire bag of gummy worms). 
No. We keepin it classy over hur with a little mini crop top action. Ya dig?

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