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Maybe it's the overload of inspiration flooding the avenues of NYC, or maybe it's just my propensity toward being heavily influenced by street style blogs, but I've come to the conclusion it's time for another trip to the hair salon. Yep, bye-bye 20 minutes of straight hair drying after every shower (and good riddance). It's been TOO MANY TIMES I've felt like I'm about to drop dead from heat exhaustion. Long locks be damned! 
My beloved CHI Straightener, you've been a loyal comrade and friend to me through the years, but I'm about to replace your frequent usage with your nemesis, the curling wand. Don't hate me.
The jury is out as to what exact look I'm going to go for. All I know is I'm going to drape the apron/blanket/invisibility cloak dramatically over me, splay myself out on the seat and tell the hair dresser "DO WHAT YOU WANT TO ME". We'll see how it goes from there. 
Also, Groupon, where you at to save me from these New York salons tryna make me a poor(er) college kid?!  

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