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Since last week all of June/July's horrific heat wave, I have to let you all know this was the first-THE FIRST-time I wore two layers since getting to New York. I'm SO happy I brought those eighty blazers and sweaters "because it might get chilly at night!" Stupid stupid stupid Al. 
This '90s Gap jean jacket was another jackpot thrift store find in Brooklyn last week. I've become quite obsessive about Beacon's Closet -  my strategy is to make a bee line for the racks I know have brought me happiness and I swerve through those rows like nobody's business. This time was no different when forgot all human decency and ditched Katie right at the entrance of the store to start my hunting. Sorry, roomie. 



See Chanel run

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See Chanel? See Chanel sparkle. See Al? See Al pretend like it's hers. 
Two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing my beautiful cousin Andrea of Tickled Pink visit me in the Big Apple. And, of course, she brought along 80% of her closet, just, you know, "in case". Mama knows, child. Mama knows. For once I was not the only one with 4 times the amount of clothes necessary for one trip and that made me extremely happy. 
So happy, I proceeded to wear every item of clothing in poor Andrea's suitcase. Sorrynotsorry. 
Andrea and I had a blast venturing to the very scary upper East/West side (where if you don't own a penthouse overlooking Central Park you might as well be living in a cardboard box on the street). We saw Book of Mormon (freakin' fantastic) and had dinner at the most incredible restaurant, Per Se. 
Anyone else out there with a stacked closet who wants to come visit and play dress up?? 


Soho Streetstyle

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This guy wasn't very lively. (HAR HAR HAR...)

If you've come to NYC to find individuals in fanny packs, go to Midtown. Searching for males in skinny jeans? Chelsea is the place to go. Looking for Louboutins? Upper East side is your place. But, if you're looking for some tres fashionable people, venture to Soho, where the skinny minis are a plenty and the streets resemble a hipster Tumblr page. A few weeks ago I wandered down there with one mission: to document the good, the bad, and the, just, different. I walked those streets, Nikon in one hand, business cards in the other, ready to document the crap out of that area. And, what came out of it was this gamut of images, along with a few funny stories, including receiving the business card from a very very large man clad in a plaid and checkered pantsuit who told me he was "on his way to see some important people about a photoshoot." When I asked if he was a photographer, he told me he was actually the model. (Unfortunately, he is not pictured. I'm kicking myself for not forcing him to Vogue for me). 



Let me tell you...

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Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging...but it would be downright rude if I did not devote a blog post to telling you about how stinkin' awesome my internship at Refinery29 has been this summer. Here are a few highlights:
1. No dress code. If I wanna wear a leopard-printed jumpsuit, I'll wear a leopard-printed jumpsuit. If I want to substitute any article of clothing with, say pajamas, or athletic attire, all the power to me. 
2. Our office is known to take part in silly antics. Also, there have been random celeb appearances. 
3. Unlimited supply of hot and iced coffee.

Ah, this company knows the way to a girl's heart. But what I love most about Refinery29 is that I'm getting to write stories and learn the ins and outs of the fashion journalism world. Sorry, Flare, you're great, but R29 is like playing in the big leagues (and you're just like the fourth grade rec team....FOR NOW). I've learned so much from my boss and co-workers and have been extremely blessed to get to work for a company and industry I love.
Here's where the shameless plug goes. CHECK OUT MA STORIES by clicking on this word. You won't be sorry. Or, if fashion is not your thing, you might be sorry. If so, get off this blog. Now. 




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Glad Matt could capture me pulling an M.C. Hammer. 
Photos by Matt
You know when a new social media fad begins and you're all, "What the heck is this?" and then you're like, "Another thing I can procrastinate with? Tell me more!" but then you're like, "I'm too lazy to learn this, hopefully the fad passes" and then eventually you're like, "FINE. I'LL JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON." very begrudgingly and then finally you're all "OMG this is the best thing ever". That was me with Pinterest. Me with Snapchat. Me with Vine. Now, as slow and behind-the-times as I am, it's me with Tumblr. 
I was introduced to Tumblr only last year by my old roommates who were pro-level status with the website. We spent an embarrassingly extensive deal of time scrolling through mostly animal-related humor posts (two personal favorites here and here), but I was always hesitant to start one out of sheer laziness. I said I was "too busy". Psh. 
Well, lo and behold I finally gave in a few weeks ago and made a Tumblr to document my time in New York. The pictures are of all the places, things and people I've experienced so far in the city. My favorite thing is the look on people's faces when I literally attack them on the street asking for a picture. They're all calm, cool and collected in these images, but the "before" facial expressions are really what I should be capturing.
Check out City Musings and let me know what you think! 


The most New York

BMC_10 BMC_11 BMC_06 BMC_09 BMC_01 BMC_05 BMC_03 BMC_04 BMC_14 BMC_13 BMC_12 BMC_07
Photos by Matt

Talking to my dad on the phone yesterday, I described my day as being “the most New York of days since I’ve been here.” Bagels for breakfast with a friend, meeting downtown for lunch about writing for a magazine (fingers crossed with that one), and then playing dress-up at what I described as “consignment heaven in an apartment”, I’d say it was a pretty New York day.

I’ll save you the boredom of describing the majority of my Tuesday (that bagel was the bomb, though) and skip to the context of these shots. I was contacted recently by a friend interning for this incredible new online site called BuyMyCloset, and to make a long story short, I got to play in Donna's office amongst the racks and racks of designer clothes. A fashion blogger’s dream come true.  

Lemme give you a little better explanation: BuyMyCloset is an exclusive online shop that sells pre-owned designer pieces. Basically, it does the high-end thrifting for you. Gone are the hours (upon hours) of sifting through grandma’s old sweaters and those awful Hollister button-downs to find that high-end gem in the loot. BuyMyCloset has clothes once owned by some pretty cool people for a price that is MUCH more in my range than, say, the items in the actual Balenciaga store.

Matt, Donna and I had a blast on her rooftop shooting these pictures. Getting to flounce around in this Annelore Dress was so much fun, it was difficult to contain my excitement. Except for that one moment  where I thought it was a good idea to balance the clutch on the ledge…thank you Donna for pointing out that that could end horrifically. These pictures would have ended in me in hysterics ready to jump and catch it.

Check out BuyMyCloset, sign up, and thank me later when you find that piece you’ll covet forever. 


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