Polyester blues

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Photos by Matt

I think every viewer of this blog understands my penchant for loose-fitting clothing. My motto when shopping tends to be "the frumpier, the better" or, more often, it's a question of, "can I fit another arm/leg in this? Good. Perfect size." Being in the Sahara Desert city in the summer has made my propensity toward comfy wear even stronger, (i.e. what appears to resemble a pajama set pictured above) as I've now realized the subway isn't getting any cooler anytime soon. 
So, of course I thought I was ahead of the game by choosing this ensemble appropriate for bedtime, up until I realized (too late) it was made out of 100% POLYESTER. A.k.a the fabric that does not breath, and instead traps your heat and sweat in a pseudo-greenhouse surrounding your body. Like, this is the stuff prison outfits should be made out of. 
Too bad by the time I realized what I had done, I was well on my way squished between two businessmen on the express train to work, where, you guessed it, the AC was broken. You stick about fifty 20- and 30-something-year-old women in a hot room together, and tell me how that goes for you. 

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