See Chanel run

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See Chanel? See Chanel sparkle. See Al? See Al pretend like it's hers. 
Two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing my beautiful cousin Andrea of Tickled Pink visit me in the Big Apple. And, of course, she brought along 80% of her closet, just, you know, "in case". Mama knows, child. Mama knows. For once I was not the only one with 4 times the amount of clothes necessary for one trip and that made me extremely happy. 
So happy, I proceeded to wear every item of clothing in poor Andrea's suitcase. Sorrynotsorry. 
Andrea and I had a blast venturing to the very scary upper East/West side (where if you don't own a penthouse overlooking Central Park you might as well be living in a cardboard box on the street). We saw Book of Mormon (freakin' fantastic) and had dinner at the most incredible restaurant, Per Se. 
Anyone else out there with a stacked closet who wants to come visit and play dress up?? 

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