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This guy wasn't very lively. (HAR HAR HAR...)

If you've come to NYC to find individuals in fanny packs, go to Midtown. Searching for males in skinny jeans? Chelsea is the place to go. Looking for Louboutins? Upper East side is your place. But, if you're looking for some tres fashionable people, venture to Soho, where the skinny minis are a plenty and the streets resemble a hipster Tumblr page. A few weeks ago I wandered down there with one mission: to document the good, the bad, and the, just, different. I walked those streets, Nikon in one hand, business cards in the other, ready to document the crap out of that area. And, what came out of it was this gamut of images, along with a few funny stories, including receiving the business card from a very very large man clad in a plaid and checkered pantsuit who told me he was "on his way to see some important people about a photoshoot." When I asked if he was a photographer, he told me he was actually the model. (Unfortunately, he is not pictured. I'm kicking myself for not forcing him to Vogue for me). 


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