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Photos by Matt

Talking to my dad on the phone yesterday, I described my day as being “the most New York of days since I’ve been here.” Bagels for breakfast with a friend, meeting downtown for lunch about writing for a magazine (fingers crossed with that one), and then playing dress-up at what I described as “consignment heaven in an apartment”, I’d say it was a pretty New York day.

I’ll save you the boredom of describing the majority of my Tuesday (that bagel was the bomb, though) and skip to the context of these shots. I was contacted recently by a friend interning for this incredible new online site called BuyMyCloset, and to make a long story short, I got to play in Donna's office amongst the racks and racks of designer clothes. A fashion blogger’s dream come true.  

Lemme give you a little better explanation: BuyMyCloset is an exclusive online shop that sells pre-owned designer pieces. Basically, it does the high-end thrifting for you. Gone are the hours (upon hours) of sifting through grandma’s old sweaters and those awful Hollister button-downs to find that high-end gem in the loot. BuyMyCloset has clothes once owned by some pretty cool people for a price that is MUCH more in my range than, say, the items in the actual Balenciaga store.

Matt, Donna and I had a blast on her rooftop shooting these pictures. Getting to flounce around in this Annelore Dress was so much fun, it was difficult to contain my excitement. Except for that one moment  where I thought it was a good idea to balance the clutch on the ledge…thank you Donna for pointing out that that could end horrifically. These pictures would have ended in me in hysterics ready to jump and catch it.

Check out BuyMyCloset, sign up, and thank me later when you find that piece you’ll covet forever. 


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