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Glad Matt could capture me pulling an M.C. Hammer. 
Photos by Matt
You know when a new social media fad begins and you're all, "What the heck is this?" and then you're like, "Another thing I can procrastinate with? Tell me more!" but then you're like, "I'm too lazy to learn this, hopefully the fad passes" and then eventually you're like, "FINE. I'LL JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON." very begrudgingly and then finally you're all "OMG this is the best thing ever". That was me with Pinterest. Me with Snapchat. Me with Vine. Now, as slow and behind-the-times as I am, it's me with Tumblr. 
I was introduced to Tumblr only last year by my old roommates who were pro-level status with the website. We spent an embarrassingly extensive deal of time scrolling through mostly animal-related humor posts (two personal favorites here and here), but I was always hesitant to start one out of sheer laziness. I said I was "too busy". Psh. 
Well, lo and behold I finally gave in a few weeks ago and made a Tumblr to document my time in New York. The pictures are of all the places, things and people I've experienced so far in the city. My favorite thing is the look on people's faces when I literally attack them on the street asking for a picture. They're all calm, cool and collected in these images, but the "before" facial expressions are really what I should be capturing.
Check out City Musings and let me know what you think! 

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  1. These pics are so cool and I lOVE your Tumblr! Very creative :)


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