Core skills

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I made it back home to Kansas City this weekend and you know what that means…every life skill I had to put to use while fending for myself in New York has abruptly, completely, utterly, vanished. Even the simplest of tasks, from putting away my shoes to making breakfast, now seem to be lost from my mind, and tasks that were before a necessity to my survival (scavenging for food, paying for my shampoo) have now become me mooching off my parents for everything.

In other news, Alisa dragged me to her kickboxing class today, where I have never experienced such physical and mental strain IN MY LIFE. I couldn’t help but add my commentary to ease the pain throughout the hour. For example:
Instructor: “Now lie on your back, hold your medicine ball in the air and drop it on your abs.”
Instructor: (laughs, looks directly at me) "Anddddd GO." 
I think he got a kick out of this clear physical torture. 


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