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BIG thanks to this guy for helping out with the blog this summer. Couldn't have done it without his mad photo skillz. Sorry I made you model for me...consider yourself Flare'd. THANKS Matt
And just like that, my summer in NYC has come to an end. Three wonderful and hilarious roommates, two (dang expensive) unlimited metro cards, and one incredibly rewarding internship later, I'm ready to go, Dorothy style, back to Kansas (City, that is). 
Though the city opened my eyes to a ton of different people, places and things, I don't feel like the concrete jungle changed me much. As much as I want to walk on campus with oversized sunglasses, greasy hair, a venti Starbucks and a blanket worn as a coat like an Olsen, the old Al is still this Al. But now, nothing takes me by surprise. Literally, nothing. A man walking down Broadway in a clown costume? Not out of the ordinary. A woman sitting on a bench without pants on? (yes, that HAPPENED) I don't even look twice. 
Even though there's a lot more black in my wardrobe, I've learned what a cortado is, and my Yelp skills are now out of control, I'm looking forward to getting back to the midwest and then North Carolina to be around family and friends. So long Big Apple, Big Al loved ya! 


  1. You need to come to LA and just buy my wardrobe for me.

  2. This is the most amazing outfit Alison! Also that crop top a few posts up?! So cute! You should do personal styling/videography/being creative for weddings- I would have hired you :) I in fact hired a stylist for my bridal photoshoot! Hope Hawaii is amazing!


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