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Sometimes, being a twin is annoying. Like when your adolescence was defined by, “now share, you two” and no one could quite distinguish the phonetic difference of “Alison” and “Alisa”. Also, there’s that never-ending argument of Is it Alison and Alisa? Or Alisa and Alison? (the former being correct, of course).

Then there are times (most of the time) when being a twin rocks. A go-to buddy in high school for class projects (team Ryncarz = team domination), a second closet to consult, and most recently, someone to endure the pain of a jellyfish when it decides to unleash its stinging wrath on your legs in the Atlantic Ocean (fortunately, it wasn’t necessary to pee on each other – EVEN THOUGH I WOULD HAVE).

I’m thankful for this girl – she makes life funnier and happier and is a great adventure buddy when the kids team up against the adults on vacations. 


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